JOPTY coverage by CBC Saskatchewan

CBC SaskatchewanJournal of the Plague Year exhibition examines politics through an artistic lens, by Ashleigh Mattern

“The inspiration for the exhibition started in 2017 when Rosenwald and Rose went to the women’s march in New York City.

“‘There were a lot of absolutely fabulous, creative, impressive signs there,'”‘ Rose said. 

“Rosenwald is a dual U.S.-Canadian citizen and lived in New York for many years, so both the women’s march and the political upheaval that Trump brought to the country are personal to her.

“‘The shock was quite intense, that after expecting the first woman president, we ended up with Donald Trump and, you know, somebody who has a reputation for misogyny and sexual harassment,’ Rosenwald said.

“She said going to the women’s march was a way to be with other people who felt the same way.

“Rose has been making signs ever since the 2017 march, on topics including the environment, Indigenous rights, climate change, feminism, Black Lives Matter and — more recently — the pandemic.

“‘It became a daily undertaking,’ Rose said.