330g Projects

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
February 1-28, 2021

Lockdown restrictions gave rise to new ways of reaching out beyond our bubble. We began posting our images on social media and printed a series of them on postcards (and even on cups), which we mailed across Canada and beyond. Our presence on social media led to the first Journal of the Plague Year exhibition at 330g in Saskatoon (by appointment with mandatory masks during COVID lockdown) from February 1–28, 2021. On view amidst the fallout from the 2020 US election and the January 6 insurrection, this installation marked the beginning of Journal of the Plague Year(s). Despite our shared outrage and use of post-consumer cardboard, until we put our work up together in the gallery, we had maintained individual painting practices in the studio. The enthusiastic response to the exhibition and unexpected national media coverage demonstrated a pressing need for the pandemic to be repurposed into a meaningful form. This gave us the impetus to keep Journal of the Plague Year(s) going.

Owner/Director: Marie Lannoo