Remai Modern

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
November 19, 2022 – March 5, 2023

Remai Modern installation view, 2023. Photos of exhibition by Carey Shaw.
Remai Modern installation view, 2023. Photos of exhibition by Carey Shaw.

Journal of the Plague Year(s) first major museum exhibition in Remai Modern‘s Connect Gallery included more than 1,000 painted signs on cardboard from our three-year archive. As artists in residence during the exhibition, we painted a wall piece (40 feet x 12 feet) about the global climate crisis. Entitled “Everything has been said already but nobody was listening, we had to tell it again,” it was our most ambitious undertaking to date. Visitors could enter a giant hand-painted Tampax box (created in response to the supply chain crisis) that also functioned as a gift shop. They were also invited to make their own signs and hang them in a section called “And Another Thing.” One of the rewarding aspects of making and sharing this project was giving a voice to what people were feeling during this extraordinary time. Immersive, chaotic and, in many ways, not the expected museum-going experience, it encouraged people to visit more than once to watch as work on the wall progressed. It was a Wizard-of-Oz experience in which the audience got to see behind the curtain.

Curated by Michelle Jacques, Head of Exhibitions and Collections/Chief Curator, with Emily Dunseith, Registrar (Exhibitions); Chad Redl, Exhibitions and Collections Supervisor; Troy Mamer, Technical Coordinator (Exhibitions and Collections); Pam Nimegeers, Design Coordinator; Installation team: Paul Atkins, Jason Hosaluk, Cameron McKay.

Read our diary that we kept during the exhibition, “Report from Our Bubble.”